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Programmes for General Population

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Exercise for Life Programme

This 10-week individually-tailored exercise programmes monitored by our Exercise Specialists. The programme includes an initial fitness assessment and personalised fitness evaluation, an individualised and regularly adjusted exercise programme prescribed by an Exercise Specialist, and supervised exercise classes 3 days per week. This is one of our very successful programmes of which spaces fill very quickly. The upcoming programme will be starting on the 3rd October 2018. You can find the programme description of the programme HERE.

Personal Training

The Personal Training Programme aims to provide one-on-one fitness and health training sessions to our members. Led by our team of highly qualified exercise specialists, personal trainers, and strength and conditioning specialists, this group of health and fitness experts will guide and monitor any of our members toward reaching their optimal results in accordance with their personal goals and individual abilities.

Corporate Fitness Training

Tailor-made health and fitness programmes is available for different corporate, if you are interested to have us to arrange group fitness training programmes for you, please email us for an appointment to further discuss about your needs with our professionals.

Group Exercise Classes

Workout in groups is a fun and motivating way to improve and/or maintain physical activity. The programmes that we are now offering include:
Hatha Yoga and Yin/Yang Flow
Every Monday and Thursday at 8:30 - 9:30am
Multi-purpose Room, 2/F, Henry Fok Health & Fitness Complex,
Stanley Ho Sports Centre
Indoor Circuit Training
Circuit training is a high energy, time effective workout designed to improve stamina, strength and fitness all at the same time!
Every Wednesday and Friday
Active Health Clinic, Stanley Ho Sports Centre