The Active Health Clinic (AHC), located at the Stanley Ho Sports Centre, has been established by the HKU Institute of Human Performance to work with individuals who suffer from or are at risk of developing, inactivity related chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and osteoporosis. Special programmes are also be developed for elderly and those suffering from obesity. We serves as a hub for clinicians, exercise specialists and other allied health professionals in promoting health and physical activity among these special populations.

"Thanks a lot for your prompt help. You are really a good coach to take good care of your client."

- Chrisine, Mar 2012

"I performed my DEXA scan in Hong Kong. I don't have any experience of DEXA in New York.

I would definitely recommend a visit: Active Health Clinic, Institute of Human Performance. They are located in the Stanley Ho Sports Centre, 10 Sha Wan drive. Basically opposite Kenndy school if you know Hong Kong island. Glen was very friendly and helpful and it was really reasonably priced I think it could be more expensive in New York. I definitely know it's more expensive to have one done in England."

- Paul, quoted from http://blog.corporateskateboarder.com/daily-muse/officially-a-fat-phuk/ , Dec 2010

"I can honestly say that all the people involved in the Exercise for Life programme have not only been extremely professional but very friendly too. The atmosphere is one of camaraderie and everybody enjoys being part of it. I'd like to congratulate the whole team: Chi Wah, Glen and Kenneth as well as Michael for the excellent job they do."

- Rocio G., Jun 2010

"You guys are doing an amazing job and I just want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!"

- Caroline Y., Apr 2010

"I definitely learned a lot and am pleased to know my body more with improvement through this systematic training. More importantly, it took much less time for me to know what and how much exercise is appropriate for me to start with. I will highly recommend this program to my friends in HKU."

– K. K Fai, HKU. Nov 2009

"I find the Active Health Clinic superbly equipped and the training program in a group setting offers excellent atmosphere. The professional staff are always helpful and friendly, giving me the peace of mind that I am learning about physical training in a proper and safe manner."

- Anonymous, Nov 2009

"Many many thank you to the exercise specialists, for their late stay for us! They are all very friendly and professional."

- Anson C., Dec 2009